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Rental Housing Inspector: Kyle Garlanger
Phone: (616) 895-6295 ext.1117
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Administrative Assistant: Shelly Kowalczyk
Phone: (616) 895-6295 ext.1106
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Requirements for Residential Rental Property

On March 13, 2017, the Allendale Township Board passed Ordinance 2017-4, which requires all residential rental properties within the Township to be registered with this Department, and allow for inspections of said rental structures.

Rental Registration

All properties must be registered with the Rental Housing Department by March 31 each year by submitting a Certificate of Compliance Application and payment of $10 per unit. A reminder will be mailed out to all rental property owners/agents prior to the due date. Late registrations will result in your certificate of compliance being revoked. An inspection will be set up immediately for all units not registered that will include all necessary re-inspection(s) and applicable fees.

Certificate of Compliance Applications must be updated for any new rental properties, changes in ownership of existing rental properties, owner or agent address changes, or adding or removing an agent. Return completed and signed Certificate of Compliance application form with applicable fee(s) to the rental department.

Certificate of Compliance

The township requires Certificates of Compliance for all rental properties. This required rental certification is issued only after the township has completed a comprehensive interior and exterior inspection of the property and has found it to be in compliance with the 2018 Property Maintenance Code. Fees associated with obtaining a Certificate of Compliance can be found in our Rental Housing Reference Guide. A notice of inspection will be mailed to the property owner or agent at least 30 days prior to the Certificate of Compliance due date. Failure to obtain certification through an inspection will result in significant enforcement fees. (See the Rental Housing Reference Guide for these fees). An inspection checklist is available to assist owners/agents in inspection preparation. This is not an all-inclusive list. For a complete list, refer to the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code.

Frequently Asked Questions