General Law Ordinances

Animal Control



Construction Code Enforcement    2000-12       2011-6

Cost Recovery

Cross Connection

Disorderly Conduct

Drug Paraphaenila

False Alarm

Fire Prevention Code


Liquor Control

Michigan Vehicle Code

Municipal Civil Infraction

Non-Motorized Pathways

Parks and Recreation

Property Maintenance Code

Rental Housing

Sewer System

Sewer Usage and Administration

Solicitation Regulations

Standard Construction Requirements     Sidewalk Specs

Storm Water part 1 -  Storm Water part 2

Subdivision  Moratorium

Truck Routes

Uniformed Traffic Code

Vaping Products and Alternative Nicotine Products

Vendor Licensing

    Vendor License Permit Application

Water System



Zoning Ordinances

Article 1 - Title

Article 2 - Purpose, Scope, and Interpretation

Article 3 - General Provisions

Article 4 - Mapped Districts

Article 5 - Agricultural and Rural District Regulations

Article 6 - Rural Estate District Regulations

Article 7 - R-1 Low Density One-Family Residential District Regulations

Article 8 - R-2 Medium Density One and Two-Family Residential District Regulations

Article 9 - R-3 Low Density Multiple Family Residential District Regulations

Article 10 - R-4 Medium Density Multiple Residential/Office District Regulations

Article 11 - R-5 Mobile Home Park District Regulations

Article 12 - PUD Planned Unit Development Regulations

Article 13 - C-1 Limited Neighborhood Business District Regulations - Deleted

Article 13A - O-Office District Regulations

Article 14 - GC General Commercial District Regulations

Article 15 - C-3 Service Commercial District Regulations

Article 16 - I - Industrial District Regulations

Article 17 - (reserved for future use) - PID - Deleted

Article 18 - (reserved for future use)

Article 19 - Flood Plain Regulations

Article 20 - Special Land Use Permits

Article 21 - Parking and Loading Regulations

Article 21A - Landscaping Requirements

Article 22 - Signs and Billboards

Article 23 - Standards for Specific Uses

Article 24 - Site Plan Review

Article 25 - Wireless Communications Towers and Antennas

Article 26 - Nonconforming Uses

Article 27 - Administration and Enforcement

Article 28 - Zoning Board of Appeals

Article 29 - Amendments and District Changes; Procedures

Article 30 - Penalties for Violations

Article 31 - Separability Clause

Article 32 - Definitions

Article 33 - Repeal; Adoption and Effective Date

Ordinances Introduced for First Reading but Not Yet Approved

Ordinance 2019-12 Water System

Ordinance 2019-13 Sewer System

Non-Motorized Pathway amendment - Article 24 of the Allendale Township Zoning Ordinance

Ordinances Recently Adopted by Township Board

Ordinance 2019-1 Public Water Connection Requirements

Ordinance 2019-2 Extension of Moratorium for Developments not Connected to Public Utilities

Ordinance 2019-3 Regulation of Alternative Nicotine Products and Vapor Products

Ordinance 2019-4   Update to Property Maintenance Code

Ordinance 2019-5 Industrial Parking and Irrigation

Ordinance 2019-6 - Fireworks

Ordinance 2019-7- Grease Traps

Ordinance 2019-8 Marihuana Facilities

Ordinance 2019-9  - Extension of Moratorium

Ordinance 2019-10  Curbing & Traffic Impact Study

Ordinance 2019-11Small Cell Wireless Communication Facilities

Ordinance 2019-14 Meadow Lake PUD Zoning

Ordinance 2019-15 Wireless Communication Tower

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