CemeteryThe Allendale Township Cemetery is located on the west side of 60th Avenue, between Warner St. and Lincoln St., north of Lake Michigan Drive (M-45), at 12655 60th Avenue. The first recorded burial was in 1851. The original cemetery property consisted of 10 acres, and an additional 10 acres was purchased in 1999 for future expansion.

The cemetery is open to the public daily from dawn to dusk.       Click Here for a layout Map

For complete information regarding rules and regulations of the Township Ordinance which governs the use of the cemetery, click here.


If you know of any veterans buried in the Allendale Cemetery that do not have a flag holder, please call This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the Township office, 616-895-6295, ext. 6.  

Please note the following:
• All flowers must be planted in movable containers with handles
• The Township will remove all floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs, plants or herbage if it becomes unsightly, dangerous, detrimental or diseased
• All trees planted on or removed from any grave sites must be done by the Township
• The Township may remove all wreaths and flowers in late fall
• Footings will be installed by the Township only, after both/all parties named on the headstone are buried



Fall Cemetery Cleanup

The Township maintenance staff conducts a fall clean-up in the cemetery each year at the end of October. Families are asked to pick up floral arrangements and/or any loose items that are now on their family grave sites. During the cleanup process, floral arrangements, both real and artificial, that are not in typical cemetery containers (such as cement urns or baskets with a handle) and any loose items that have not yet been picked up by family members will be discarded. The only exception will be floral arrangements for burials which took place in the months of September and October.


Cemetery Records

Complete burial records are available for research or genealogy by contact Clerk Laurie Richards at 616-895-6295, extension 6, or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here for cemetery rates



Veterans in the Allendale Cemetery as of November 1, 2013

Abbey, Nathaniel

Alderink, Jacob

Alderink, James

Arnoldink, Alfred

Ashby, John D

Baird, Marvin

Baker, John

Baker, Kenneth

Baker, Robert

Barbrick, Phillip

Beigley, Clarence

Bell, William

Bement, Harley

Bennett, Lafayett

Berens, Randall

Berghorst, Gerald

Boerema, Wyke

Bouwman, William Jr.

Bradley, Luie

Brouwer, Gerritt

Brouwer, Louis

Brouwer, Peter

Brower, Gerrit

Brown, Charles

Brunger, Peter

Burch, Lynn

Bush, Harry

Canter, Allen

Coeling, Henry Bruce

Cole, James

Comstock, William

Cook, Warren

Cooley, Arthur

Cooley, Cody

Cooley, Henry

Costley, Byram


Danneffel, Earl

DeHollander, James

DeJonge, Derwin

DeJonge, Henry

DeNeff, Lee

Duram, Samuel

Dyke, Gerald

Dykstra, Enouch

Eling, Robert

Eling, William

Elzinga, Edward

Engelsman, Herman

Eno, Clarence

Eseltine, Fayette

Fansler, Robert

Forist, Donald

Former, Dennis

Forsyth, George

Franklin, Clifford

Frazier, Berenice

Frazier, Edgar

Gee, James

Geldhof, Peter,

Gemmen, Albert

Gemmen, Nelson

Geurink, Henry

Geurink, Hermina

Goudzwaard, Eugene

Gould, Earl

Greep, Robert

Groen, John

Gunn, Jacob

Gunn, William

Haisley, James

Hall, Charles

Ham, Charles

Hamstra, Dick

Haynes, Robert

Headworth, Earl

Heaton, Anson

Heriman, John

Herrick, Howard

Herrington, Raymond

Heuvelman, Kenneth

Hill, Horace

Hoekwater, William

Horling, Jake

Horling, Mensir

Horton, Donald

Hovingh, David

Hovingh, Eugene

Hovingh, Isaac

Hulst, Leroy

Jenkins, Bert

Jenkins, Carl

Jenkins, John Jr.

Jenkins, John Sr.

Jeurink, David

Karel, Russell

Kent, Eli

Kidd, Willis

Kleinjans, Benjamin

Kleinjans, James

Klinge, Donald

Kloosterhouse, Henry

Kloosterman, Arnold

Knoper, Ben

Knoper, Frank

Knoper, Henry

Knowlton, Hiram

Knowlton, William

Kol, John

Koster, Henry

Kraker, Alfred

Kraker, Arthur

Kraker, Clarence

Kraker, Gerald

Kraker, Harold

Kraker, John

Kraker, Raymond

Kulikamp, Arthur

Kuzee, Lawrence

Langley, Ralph

LaPreze, Clifford

Lauer, Russell

Leggett, Carl

Leggett, Roger

Lemmen, Donald

Lemmen, Marvin

Lemmen, Roger

Lieffers, Dale

Lowing, Donald

MacDonald, Bert

Mackey, E Robert

Marcusse, Carl

Marcusse, Lawrence

Mast, Corneal

May, Amos

Mazurkiewicz, Eugene

McClure, Edward

McConnell, Herman

McMillan, Ernest

McMullin, Charles

McMullin, Clifford

McMullin, George

McMullin, Lawrence

McNair, Eldon

Meerman, Henry

Miedema, Robert

Miller, James

Miller, Nellie

Miller, Roland

Miner, Dwight

Miner, Israel

Miner, Martin

Mohnke, Leroy

Morse, Leslie

Morse, Lloyd

Nelson, Duane

Neuman, Lloyd

Neuman, Merle

Neuman, Royal

Neuman, Russell

Neuman, William

Nyenbrink, Willard

Oesch, Jack

Ott, Max

Otten, Kenneth

Pals, Corky

Parish, Enos

Parish, Newton

Parish, William

Payne, John

Pearsall, Dewey

Perales, Vincent

Perkins, Albert

Pitz, Christopher

Pixley, Frank

Ploegstra, Harry

Poelstra, Carl

Poelstra, John

Poelstra, Orie

Porter, Asa

Post, Benjamin

Post, Jay

Postma, Carl

Potgeter, David

Potgeter, Gerald

Potter, Donald

Pratt, Marvin

Reinks, Louis

Reister, Francis

Richards, Harvey Jr.

Richards, Harvey Sr.

Riphagen, Gerritt

Ritenburg, William

Roon, Peter

Rosema, Sidney

Rotman, Jay

Rotman, Joseph Jr.

Rotman, Joseph Sr.

Rozema, Thomas

Russell, Marion

Sadler, Warren

Salisbury, Charles

Sall, Roger

Scholten, Howard

Schonwald, David

Schroeder, Alice

Schuiling, Herbert

Scott, Dale

Scott, Forrest

Seabert, Francis

See, Garret

Sessions, Leonard Blaine

Shepard, John

Shephard, Lawrence

Sheridan, Frank

Sietsema, Harm

Sikma, Roger

Simmons, Harvey

Smallegan, Russell

Smead, Chjarles

Smead, Darwin

Smead, Elijah

Snyder, Forrest Jr.

Snyder, Forrest Sr.

Snyder, Frank

Stanton, David

Stanton, Harold

Stanton, Russell

Starner, Cecil

Stevens, James

Stevens, Milo

Stoddard, Joshua Jr.

Stoddard, Joshua Sr.

Swart, John

Tabor, James

Taylor, Leslie

TenBrink, Willard

Tepper, John

Tepper, Wilma

Terpstra, Andrew

Terpstra, Donald

Thayer, George

Thayer, Roger

Thomasma, Johannas

Thurkettle, William

Turk, Donald

VandenBrink, William

VandePanne, Richard

VanderWall, Henry

VanderWest, Gerald

VanDuyn, Louis

VanDyke, James

VanEuwen, Charles

VanOeveren, Robert

VanFarowe, Edward

VenHuizen, Donald

VerLee, Franklin

Vissers, Glenn

Vugteveen, Harry

Waasenaar, Peter

Walcott, Henry

Waldie, Charles

Waldie, Leland

Waldie, William

Wallinga, Louis

Wallinga, Peter

Walwood, Clarence

Walwood, Theodore

Way, Louis

Wellman, Earl

Wilson, Samuel

Wolbrink, Francis

Wolbrink, Leslie

Wolbrink, Lowell

Wolbrink, Ruth

Wydeck, Daniel

Ykema, August

Zichterman, Joe

Zylstra, Constance

Zylstra, Henry









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